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Free Registration

The free entry of a business in our guide, is the simplest entry form, which is valid for all businesses relating to the categories of our tour guide (entertainment, taverns, supermarkets etc. except for hotels which are stated below) and of course they are located on one from our islands, after your demand or through the contact form. The simple entry has the following form:

Free Business' Registration

The name of the business is indicated, the type of the business (e.g. cafe-snack bar, pool bar etc), its exact location on the island as well as the phone number. In the free entry you are not entitled to add photos.

Featured Business Registration

If you want to stand in a crowd of the businesses, then we provide this opportunity, easily and affordably! Firstly we will present a promoted business which already enjoys the benefits of this opportunity:

Featured Business Registration

You can see the difference from the simple registration. Imagine that the same difference, will be noticed by the visitor of our guide!

Let's see in more details the differences between the promoted and the simple registration.

  • A photo above the business details. It changes the appearance of the advertisement and makes it distinguish from the crowd of "free" entries.
  • Google Maps "Pin" on the top right side of the photo on which visitors can click and open the map with exact location of the business.
  • View of a text you have selected which consists of approximately 20 words
  • An active link to the website or the Facebook page of your business

Platinum Registration

Platinum Business Registration

Indisputably, it is the best advertisement for your business. Regardless the alphabetical ranking of your business in our catalogue, we place it first and benefits from all the "Promoted Entry” features but also the following:

  • Your entry will get 100% of the available space, so on its right will not be other business entries.
  • By clicking on the name of your business or the photo you will be transferred to the website of the business but also you have the right to insert a text without word limitations, a price list, photos, a map with the exact location and all the contact details of your business. Additionally, there is a contact form through which the visitors of can contact you directly (you will receive the message on your emails).

You can see an example of such a business here.

Accommodation Registration

As far as accommodation is concerned, to be entitled a Free (plain) entry", you are required to have an entry of the accommodation in “booking”.

The free entry has the format of a "Featured Entry", without however, the details of your business (phone number, website), but only an active link to the website of your accommodation in “booking”.

For the rest entry forms (Featured-Platinum) apply the principals valid for the remaining businesses, for example in "Platinum Entry" there will be a separate page of your accommodation, along with texts, photos, provisions, contact details (phone number, e-mail, website) and contact form through which the visitors of will be able to send an e-mail directly to you for a booking they are interested in making without additional fees for you.

Featured/Platonum Registration Fee

The cost for the first operational year of our guide, is extremely low, in order to know each other better... and if you consider the benefits that a promoted registration will provide to you, then the cost becomes minimum! Please contact us using the e-mail form and we will respond soon.

Business Registration Procedure

Should you wish to make an entry for your business, fill in your personal details (and your business details) in the form, stating which entry for you are interested in, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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