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Folklore Museum - Agistri
Folklore Museum

In Megalochori, on the road to Limenaria, you will find the Cultural Cente, where the museum of folklore is hosted, so that you have a taste of the island's history.

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Lake - Aponisos, Agistri

On the road to Aponisos and just a while before you reach the beach, on your right hand you will find the lake of Agistri, a significantly beautiful spot of the island, especially if you visit it in spring.

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Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos - Agistri
The Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos

After Limenaria, on the road to Aponisos, you will see o road sign on your right handfor the little church, which is the first church built on the island.

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Mitromaras' Grave
Mitromaras' Grave

Mitromaras was one of the first fighters at Orlofika. In fact, in 1771 he displayed the Russian flag of the revolution in Salamina. He ended to Agistri to escape, where he died in 1772.

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