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Ancient City of Salamina
Kinosoura & Ampelakia
Ancient City of Salamina

The ancient city of Salamina was built on the peninsula where Kinosoura is today and on the smaller peninsula, north of Kinosoura, where Abelakia is located. There you can find the ruins of the quad, the walls and the buildings as well as the trophy of Artemis, Zeus and the Fates. Some remains of the Macedonian Proud Tomb have been found there too with some collected human bones, something that indicates corpse burial, after a war or epidemic on theisland of Salamina.

  • Archaeological sight
Salaminian Fighters Tomb - Salamina
Salaminian Fighters Tomb

It is located on the north coast of the Kinosoura peninsula and it is dedicated to the dead of the naval battle of Salamina (480 b.C.). Near the Ancient Tomb of the Fighters of Salamina, there is a modern monument made by Achilleas Vasiliou.

  • Archaeological sight - Monument


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Archaeological Museum - Salamina
42 Lebesi st., Salamina
Salamina Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is located in the center of Salamina and is housed in the building of the former Capodistrian Primary School. There you can find some exhibits from different excavations which took place on the island as well as the Euripides Cave.

  • Museum
Euripides Cave - Poros
Euripides Cave

Euripides Cave is located in the location Peristeria, south of Salamina. It was excavated during the period from 1994 to 1997, and there are several findings that indicate extensive use of it either as temporary accommodation or a hiding place for treasures.

  • Cave
Euripides Theatre - Salamina
Euripides Theatre

It was built in 1993, in honor of a tragic poet and one of the three great educators of the Attica Drama in the ancient Greek theatre, called Euripides (480 b.C. - 406 b.C.). It is built on a hill near the center of Salamina and you can approach the location either from the south entrance on foot or from the north where you can find some parking space.

  • Open-air theatre


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