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Zoodochos Pigi Monastery - Poros
Zoodochos Pigi Monastery

It is located in a place full of pine trees, above the beach "Monastery", and it was founded in 1720 by the Archbishop of Athens Iakovos 2nd. In order to visit the monastery there is a strict dress code, while at the entrance of the monastery you can find a cafe. The view from the monastery is really breathtaking.

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Russian Dockyard - Poros
Russian Dockyard
Russian Dockyard

It is located at beach "Russian bay" and consists of a deserted buildings complex where the Russians made their naval base at the end of 18th century.

  • Historical sight


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Clock Tower - Poros
centre of Poros
Poros Clock Tower

The historic clock of Poros, built in 1927, makes the trademark of the island since it stands out while approaching by ship or even the coast of Peloponnesus. In order to climb the clock you will wwalk through the narrow streets, in the center of Poros, and you will follow the small signs leading there. The view from the Clock is really rewarding.

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Danas Lighthouse - Poros
Danas Cape
Danas Lighthouse

Danas Lighthouse is located east of Poros, on the titular cape, at the entrance of the strait Poros-Methana. It was built in 1870 and renovated in 2011, when it got energy sufficiency with the use of solar panels. To get there you will pass the Russian Naval Base 9On your left hand) and you will see a dirt road with the corresponding signage where you will have to continue on foot.

  • Lighthouse
Poseidonas Temple - Poros
Poseidonas Temple

The Poseidon Sanctuary is located close to the ancient city of Kavlaria and it is built in an altitude of 190 meters. The construction is dated at the end of the 6th – start of the 5th century b.C. .Orator Demosthenes, according to Stravon, resorted there and died in 322 b.C.

  • Archaeological sight


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