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Aegina is the second biggest island of the Saronic Gulf where you can go in just 35 minutes from Piraeus by hydrofoil or 1 hour and 15 minutes by ferry boat. Located in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, attracts tourists with beautiful beaches, unspoilt natural scenery, which can simultaneously satisfy the most demanding excursionists, both good stay as fun and relaxing quality.

Rich in history, the homonymous city of Aegina, which has also been the capital of Greece, located northwest and is the central port. It also represents almost half the population of the island and is an excellent choice of accommodation. Accommodations of any kind, able to meet the needs of all visitors is available, always at affordable prices, combined with the local hospitality guarantee a pleasant stay. The restaurants and taverns offer excellent services and products in the field of entertainment, cafes and bars promise or relaxing in the morning with coffee or intense partying late into the evening with drinks and loud music accompaniment.

Aegina can simultaneously satisfy the most demanding excursionists, both good stay as fun and relaxing quality.

Other settlements to be visited is the “Vathi” where you can enjoy a coffee at the beach shops and Agia Marina with its many bars and beautiful beach, where a dip in the clear waters, will indemnify the weary excursionist. The settlements Kipseli and Mesagros, offered to stay those wanting a more relaxed pace, seeking peace in their vacations. Finally the settlement Partridge, one of the boats that are available to visit the island of Moni and swim in the azure waters of this small island.


Apart from its natural beauty, Aegina has many sights that attract huge number of visitors every year. These include many archaeological, such as the Temple of Aphaia, the Archaeological Museum and the prehistoric settlement of the Column, and religious sites such as the Monastery of St. Nektarios, the church of St. Nicholas in the town of Aegina and many other churches. To the cultural attractions ranked the Tower of Marcellus, where it functions as an exhibition space.

The possibility of moving of the visitors to the island can be done by local buses or if someone wants more independence, rented vehicles, motorcycles or cars, even boats. There is also the choice of a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride where the driver performs the duties of a guide. Finally, the market exists on the islandcovers all the needs of visitor for clothing, shoes, souvenirs, gifts, electronics, medical, courier, photographers, bakeries, liquor stores, super market etc.

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