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The biggest island of the Saronic Gulf, which is extremely close to the capital. It is like a treasure waiting to be explored. It is known from the ancient years due to the naval battle that took place there. Nowadays, it is a good suggestion for holidays since the accommodation and the services offered combined to the beaches, will definitely thrill the visitor. The island is accessible directly from Piraeus, Perama and Nea Peramo without spending much time.

Salamina, because of its position is a popular destination even for daily excursions. The main destination is the city of Salamina which has nothing less to offer than a modern city. There is a large number of accommodations of any kind, covering the needs of high season without any problems. It can offer the visitor a pleasant and comfortable stay. Fish taverns, that the gourmands will definitely discover, are worth visiting. In fact, the island covers any taste on entertainment, as there are restaurants with live music, bars, cafes, etc.

Fish taverns, that the gourmands will definitely discover, are worth visiting.


The sightseeings in the island are also many, some in the city and others scattered all over the island. There are cultural, archaeological and religious ones. Some of them are the famous windmills, which are one of the most picturesque sights, the house of the poet Aggelos Sikelianos, the grave of the warrior Georgios Karaiskakis, the stone lighthouse at the promontory Likopoulo and the Museum of Folk Art and History. Further, the Monasteries of Ipapanti, Agios Nikolaos Lemonion and Faneromeni and also the temples of Panagia Elephterotria and Saint Minas are the most famous religious sights of the island.Endly, it is worth visiting the Cave of Euripidis and the ancient city of Salamina which will challenge you to search for more.

Transport at the island is very comfortable and quick because the roads are on a good condition. So either someone chooses his own mean of transport or the public ones and taxis, he can reach his destination quite quickly even if he wants to go to the farthest beach or at the peak of a hill. The physical beauty of the is admirable and this is rather obvious from the beaches and the fields full of pine trees on the hills. Hiking trails, mild and more demanding ones, are scattered all over the island starting from sandy beaches and reaching the peaks of hills. Many chapels are found on these trails offering the walker a great view that compensates him for all his tiredness.

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