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Bouboulina Museum - Spetses
1 Bouboulinas st., Spetses
Bouboulina Museum

The museum of Bouboulina is located in Ntapia and it is the mansion where the heroine of the Greek Revolution, Bouboulina lived in Spetses. There you will have the chance to be given a tour by a descendant of Bouboulina and see and learn a lot of interesting things.

  • Museum, Greek Revolution
Bekiris Cave - Spetses
Bekiris Cave

Bekiris Cave is located on the east coast of Spetses, near the <>beach "Agioi Anargiroi". You can get there either from the path which is 500 meters long in the forest or from the sea. You must be very careful and a torch is always useful to have.

  • Cave


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Statue of Bouboulina - Spetses
Posidonion square, Dapia
Statue of Bouboulina

The statue of Laskarina Bouboulina stands erect at Poseidonion square, in front of the imposing Poseidonion Grand Hotel, in the center of a big and very beautiful square. The words engraved on it are:


  • Statue, Greek Revolution


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