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The cosmopolitan Hydra is a very popular tourist destination of Greece. The wild scenery contrasts to the noble side of the town of Hydra and these two together create a unique combination. The island is accessible by ship but also helicopters are available for taking someone to the island. Although it is quite far from Piraeus, the island is worth visiting as the scenery will satisfy the visitor.

At the town of Hydra , the visitor can starts his tour by watching houses laying on two hill sides almost in an amphitheatric way. The visitor is attracted when entering the harbour simply by watching at both sides of it the imposing view of the bastion with its cannons. The Town is preserved and as a result, cars are not allowed. Instead of them, donkeys are used for transport which gives a funny and romantic tone in addition to nostalgia for old times.

The wild scenery contrasts to the noble side of the town of Hydra and these two together create a unique combination.

Apart from the picturesqueness of the scenery and the big history , Hydra offers a lot more to the visitor, maybe even more from what he can imagine. The accommodation offers a great variety of rented rooms to luxurious suites of hotels, all available to the visitor. There are also many gift shops, with a big variety of stuff to buy. The restaurants, taverns, fast foods etc can impress those who love food. In addition, cafes and bars challenge those who like nightlife. It’s a town with many options. Everyone will be satisfied for sure.


There are many monuments for remarkable people of the island, such as statues, memorials and their houses, all around the town. Some of them are the admiral Paulos Kountouriotis, Andreas Miaoulis, Antonios Kriezis and Laskarina Mpoumpoulina. Also, there are many squares and roads that have their names as a way to honor them.

Hydra, more than any other island, has inspired artists. Not only poets and sculptors but also painters and cinema artists. That’s why there is a faculty of the school of fine arts at the island at the mansion of Iakovos Tompazis. Further, at the town there are many cultural monuments which are also worth visiting. Hydra’s beaches may be one of the main reasons to visit the island. Some of them are sandy, others are rocky and others have pebbles. The common characteristic is that they are all extremely clean and the deep blue will seduce the visitor and will offer him relaxation that probably he had never had before. The most important beaches are the Cave, Kamini,Vlixos,Bisti, Palamidi, Agios Nikolaos and Mantraki.

The natural beauty of the rest of the island, apart from the seaside, is also huge. Those who love nature will find at Hydra a paradise on earth because there is a mountain range of 20 kilometers on which there are found 10 hike roads through which someone will familiarize with the island. Last but not least the religious interest is also very big because there are found around 300 churches and monasteries scattered around the island. By ferry, it is connected to the rest of the islands of Saronicos but also with other big harbours such as Methana, Ermioni, Porto Heli , Nauplio and Tiro, the entire year.It is also accessible by helicopter because there is a heliport.

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