Events, Shows & Festivals in Salamina

Historical anniversary

Events for the celebration of the anniversary of the naval battle in Salamina, held in September.

  • Historical anniversary
  • Salamina
  • September 2021 (date yet to be fixed)
Fisherman Celebration – Festival - Salamina
Fisherman Celebration

A big public festival with grilled fish, plenty of wine and dance. It is organized by the Fishing Club of Salamina in collaboration with the Municipality, in the end of August.

  • Festival
  • Salamina
  • end of August 2021 (date yet to be fixed)


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Panagia Faneromeni Festival - Salamina
Religious celebration - festival
Panagia Faneromeni

Religious celebration and revelry at the local shops with food, drinks and dances.

  • Religious celebration - festival
  • In the monastery of Panagia Faneromeni and at the local taverns-bars.
  • 23-25 August 2021


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