Free business registration in



Free Registration

Free registration of a business in our guide composes the simplest form of registration which all businesses associated with the categories of our guide (accommodation, entertainment, etc.) are entitled, after having us known, through the contact form. The simple listing has the following format:





The name of the company, the kind of business (hotel, rooms, Cafe-Bar etc.) the location on the island and the phone number are displayed. For free registration, you cannot have a photo in the space indicating "no photo available".



Promoted business registration

If you want to stand in a crowd of the businesses, then we provide this opportunity, easily and affordably! Firstly we will present a promoted business which already enjoys the benefits of this opportunity.




You can see the difference from the simple registration. Imagine that the same difference, will be noticed by the visitor of our guide! Let's see in more details the differences between the promoted and the simple registration.

♦ Τhe picture, at the left of the business. It gives color to the entry, and makes you stand out from the amount of "simple" registered.

♦ Icons which illustrate the business' facilities

♦ When a visitor clicks on  "See more" he can see more information about your business, a text which you will send us, and even more photos. See the following example:




Extra promoted registration

It is undoubtedly the best advertisement for your business. Regardless the alphabetical ranking of your business in our catalogue, we place it first. The benefit is enormous and no further comment is needed!

* If another business is registered as "Extra promoted", we can place yours, just below it, of course at a lower price.

Cost of promoted registration

The cost for the first operational year of our guide, is extremely low, in order to know each other better... and if you consider the benefits that a promoted registration will provide to you, then the cost becomes minimum! Please contact us using the e-mail form and we will respond soon.


 Business registration procedure

If you wish to register your business, send us via the e-mail form, your business' name, your full name, your business' e-mail, your business' phone number, and whatever else you want or any possible question you may have! About promoted registration, you have to send us the photos and texts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.